Help us

Why and how to help us ?

We are two old friends, fan of computers, and with pleasure we had developped these games in the hope a lot of people will enjoy them.

We work during our free time, evenings and week-ends, to constantly improve games, fix issues and add features, and from time to time, to create and add new games to our library. For this reason, we don't have the same means and reaction time than large companies and game producters !

So to help us, you can speak about us and our games, to your friends, your family, and even your colleagues ! Make them discover your favorite game ! Because the more player play our games, the more will be our motivation !

Because a simple kind word is always welcome and encourage us a lot, you can just send us a message to say 'Thanks'. We will appreciate the gesture !

You want to go further ?

We tried to design our games to be playable online, in order to play with real players from all over the world and with your friends !

For that, we have to rent multiplayer game servers, which host games and make playing online possible. Obviously, renting such servers has a cost, that we complimentary assume.

If you want to make your contribution, you can make us a donation. We'll feel a great deal of gratitude towards you !!!